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Send us your photos

If you have taken pictures of a Summerplace event, we invite you to upload your photos (using the form on this page) for inclusion in our photo albums.

You should note that currently the photo upload tool will only accept one photograph at a time. You therefore have a choice, you may send us all the photographs you wish to upload, one photo at a time, or (to make it easier on yourself) combine all your photos into a single Zip file, and send us that file using the photo upload tool.

  1. Click the yellow button "Add Photos"Your device (computer, tablet or phone) will then open your pictures folder or photo gallery.

  2. Browse this folder, find the first photo you wish to send, and select it. Alternatively, find the compressed Zip file you created containing the photos you wish to send and select it.

  3. Now, enter your email in the email box on the form, and enter the name of the event and the date it occurred in the message box, if you wish, you may also add additional information in this box.

  4. Click "Send". The selected picture or Zip file will now be uploaded, the form will change to show the upload progress.

  5. When the upload is complete, you will see a check mark and the statement "your photos were successfully sent". The send button will also change to say "Done".

  6. Click the button "Done" and the upload form will return to its normal state. Your photo upload is now complete

Your pictures will now be reviewed, along with other photos we may have received of the same event sent by other residents. A number of pictures will be selected and added to our photo albums. Please allow 1-2 weeks for us to process and post the pictures.

Thank you for sharing your photos!


<updated: 4/17/24>

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