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COVID-19 Alert

To address inquiries relating to the Covid-19 Virus as it relates to the use of the clubhouse and attending classes, meetings, and activities. 



Our interest is the safety and well being of all Summerplace residents. The current health crisis is resulting in Summerplace events and activities being cancelled. Residents should check with the office 503.257.0733 or check the website homepage for cancellation information before coming to the clubhouse. The office staff will be working normally, but the office is locked to prevent access by residents; staff may be reached by phone or email. Bill Cave will be invited to cordon off areas where he is working. Furthermore, we strongly urge residents to refrain from using any of the clubhouse facilities for their own safety and protection as the age demographic of our community represents a very high risk group with respect to the COVID-19 virus.

NOTE: The following information will also appear in the April newsletter.


April HOA Meeting is cancelled.

As the CDC continues to recommend cancellation or postponement of meetings involving fewer and fewer people, the Board of Directors will not hold the regular monthly HOA Board of Directors meeting originally scheduled for April 8, 2020.


In order that the Board may continue conduct of the business of the HOA, we will hold a remote Board Planning Meeting (April 2, 2020) using email communications. At the conclusion of the remote meeting, any action deemed necessary by the Board will be reported in the full minute record that will be posted to our website and the clubhouse bulletin board on April 3, 2020.


At the next regular HOA Board of Directors meeting (which we anticipate will occur May 13, 2020) the Board will take action to formally ratify any action taken as a result of the remote April Board Planning Meeting. Please also be advised that this decision was not made without careful consideration of the safety and well-being of all our residents; legal counsel was also consulted to ensure that these actions are appropriate given the current health crisis facing our nation.

Postpone RBA submissions until May if possible.

If you are planning to submit an RBA for the Board of Directors to consider and the RBA does not constitute an emergency, please hold off on your submission until the May 2020 HOA Board of Directors meeting. If you are unsure about whether to submit or hold your request, please feel free to contact our HOA Administrator, Peg Brown, who will happily assist you.


Additionally, unless you must absolutely interface with the office staff face-to-face during the coming weeks, the Board asks that you use either the telephone or email to communicate with Peg Brown or our receptionist, Dory Socea.


If possible, try to limit your use of the clubhouse; doing so is just one extra measure to ensure everyone’s well being.

Activities/Events are being cancelled or postponed.

On our Home Page, and in April’s newsletter you will see a list of notifications regarding the cancellation or postponement of many activities and events throughout Summerplace.


While the Board recognizes that this is problematic or disappointing for many people, we want to extend our sincerest appreciation to those committee/event/interest group chairpersons and co-chairpersons for being sensitive to the potential exposure of the Corona Virus (COVID-19) to our Summerplace community, many of whom have significant underlying medical conditions that heighten their risk of succumbing to this virus.


Please be cautious when you interface with others during this uncertain time and do whatever you can to insulate yourself from undue exposure to this aggressive and dangerous virus.


Help your neighbors if possible.

For residents who are able and willing to support housebound neighbors by running minimal errands, e.g. grocery store, pharmacy, doctors’ appointments, please do so with care to ensure your own safety.

Summerplace Board of Directors


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