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Storage Lot

Summerplace has 88 RV and vehicle storage spaces in a gated parking lot. Spaces are available in various sizes from 12’ x 20’ to 12’ x 60’ with the majority 12’ x 28’. Space is also available for short term rental for members and sponsored guests. Proof of DMV registration is required for any vehicle stored in the lot. 

Summerplace also has 30 enclosed garages available for rent by residents. Garages are 12’ x 24 or 12’ x 29’. 

RV/vehicle storage spots and garages are available to rent for Summerplace residents only.  If available, an RV/vehicle storage spot may be rented by a non-resident who is sponsored by a Summerplace resident.  The HOA office maintains a wait-list for residents who would like to rent a parking spot or garage in the gated lot.

RV Storage Lot
RV garage storage


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