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The Summerplace Library in the Clubhouse is a wonderful resource for residents. It is filled with books, magazines and puzzles which residents can borrow and return on the honor system. Donations from residents keep materials in the library. Due to space constraints, only books with copyright dates within the past ten years are accepted including mysteries, fiction, romances, westerns, history, autobiographies, and biographies.

The Library is also a comfortable place to bring your laptop or mobile device and log on to the (free) Clubhouse Wi-Fi to check email, or peruse the internet.

The Library Committee is made up of resident volunteers who do a number of tasks to keep the library operational and current. Be sure to stop by and spend a little time in the Library the next time you visit the Clubhouse. 

The Library
The Library is a quiet place to sit and read, or just think.


<updated: 7/22/21>

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