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If you are a prospective buyer, a Realtor, or are just interested in what life might be like in our neighborhood, welcome to Summerplace. You may browse our website freely, with the exception of those pages reserved for Summerplace residents.


All pages on our menu under the headings "What's Happening" and "Resources" are reserved for Summerplace residents; you must be a Summerplace resident and a member of our website in order to access these pages. All other pages are unrestricted and open to all.

Looking to Buy a Home?

If you are interested in looking at Real Estate in Summerplace with a view to buying a property, we advise you to contact a local Real Estate Agent. We cannot recommend any particular Realtor, nor can we comment on a particular property.

However you may browse Single Family Homes or Condominiums currently on the market in Summerplace by selecting one of these buttons, which link to a commercial online Real Estate browsing service. Descriptions of the various types of housing (single family and condominiums) available in Summerplace can be found here.

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Please note, there is no relationship between the Summerplace HOA and this Real Estate browsing service, and we cannot guarantee that the data provided by this service is accurate and complete. You are advised to engage the services of a Real Estate Agent if you wish to explore further.


Floorplans of single family homes in Summerplace are available by clicking the following button. We apologize that Condominium floorplans are not available at this time.

HOA Documents

Current HOA Legal and Financial information, together with the minutes of recent Board Meetings, are available for review by buyers who are nearing a decision to purchase a property in Summerplace. Please ask your Realtor for access to these documents.


This information is made available to Realtors on request. Click the button for access.

More Information

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All documents on this page are in pdf format. You can open and read all documents online, but if you wish to download a document, you may need to install Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer or tablet. Get the latest version here.



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