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COVID Vaccination Information

Covid vaccinations are now becoming available. Pretty much all major Health Care groups and Hospitals are, or soon will be, offering vaccinations by appointment. The Oregon Health Authority has set up a website with up-to-date information on vaccine availability, and how to register for an appointment.


Also, according to the Oregonian (Feb 3), select Oregon pharmacies will receive coronavirus vaccines starting next week. Although it will take some time for pharmacies to have enough vaccine for everyone.

Please be sure to share this information with anyone you know who does not have access to the website. Also, let us know if you find any of this information is incomplete or incorrect.

More Information and links to Appointment Registration

The best source of information today is the Oregon Health Authority. However, major Health Care groups and even some pharmacies are making vaccinations available. Check out the following links.

Major Health Care and Hospital Groups

Here are links to the major Health Care Groups in our area. All have Covid vaccination plans, some (such as OHSU) are planning to offer drive-up vaccinations.


Many local pharmacies have set up vaccination centers but their access to vaccines can be spotty. A useful website that we have found is

Click the link to access the website and enter your Zip code in the search field to find local pharmacies that are currently vaccinating. The website also provides information on how to contact individual pharmacies and access their appointment calendars. Alternatively, use one of the following links for direct access to local pharmacies.

For the most up-to-date information, click this link for Michelle Wulfe's Google Doc.

Medicare Covid Scam

We have become aware of a new Medicare scam relating to payment for Covid vaccinations. Please note that, according to the Medicare website, Covid vaccinations are fully covered by Medicare.

More information

Help Your Neighbors

If you know of anyone who does not have access to this website, they may be grateful for your help in sharing the information on this page.

In particular, by printing...

Summerplace Technical Assistance Questionaire

Summerplace Vaccination update

Registration Tutorial

KGW8 has published a tutorial on how to sign up, complete with a video. Check it out here.

Warning, the KGW8 website is cluttered with ads which you will have to navigate through. The video, however, is very good.


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